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Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal For Education And Science Publications( MECSJ )

It's a monthly online open access peer-reviewed international Journal with minimal publishing fees that is launched since December, 2016. MECSJ firstly launched as a journal that is specialized in assisting Middle East authors and publishers to publish their original works in a trusted scientific platform so it firstly launched with the name of ( Middle east comprehensive journal for education and science publications,and in ( May , 2017 ) specifically when
( ISSUE 2 ) has launched, the Journal became internationally to enhance the beneficiaries amount
from this publishing platform;so the journal title became ( Multi-KnowledgeElectronic Comprehensive Journal For Education And Science Publications( MECSJ).MECSJ Journal is specialized in publishing high quality original papers in education, medical science, social science, bio-science, clinical research, economics , Arts, Management, law, Computer science , Information Technology and Engineering research.The MECS Journal is considered as an international platform to share knowledge, thoughts and experiences among scientists, scholars, researchers and engineers in their field of study. Authors can submit their original research information, and the journal will offer an international platform to spread their knowledge over the globe.

Call for Papers

Encourage all Scholars, Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, Authors and Academicians from all Arab and western countries to submit their original publications in our up-coming issue. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the Journal board members. MECS Journal accept all newly unpublished high quality papers in all research fields such as; education, medical science, social science, bio-science, clinical research, economics, Arts, Management, law, Computer science , Information Technology and Engineering research . All authors across the globe are welcome to submit their valuable research in our international asserted journal

Submission Deadlines:

Ongoing Issue:


Submission Deadline:

25 - 07- 2024

Notification Date:

Within a week as maximum from submission date.


12 Issues/Year

Accepted Language:

English & Arabic

ISSN Number : 2616-9185

Areas Covered:Multidisciplinary

Type of Articles:review papers, survey papers, case studies, book reviews, research proposals, essays and dissertation chapters.

Submission email ID: []

Why to publish with us:
  1. Quick and High quality review: we have a strong international editorial and reviewers team that has quick review skills while keeping the top quality of thesubmitted researches in their minds
  2. .Minimal publication fees: MECS journal only ask for a very low publication fees for accepted manuscripts
Aim and Scope

Aims to enhance the level of published articles by improving integrity, morals and keeping papers in high professional standards to spread the good knowledge to allup-comingresearches, scholars and scientists. So, the main objective of MECS is to advance the professionalism level of existed research, and to enhance the focus on new emerging trends.

Open Access Statement

Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal For Education & Science Publications ( MECSJ ) follows the Open Access publishing model. This model offers a free access to all published articles, and resources for all the Journal readers all over the world. The MECS journal readers are free to use, copy, search, print or either download the full texts of research articles without requesting a subscription to the journal in which these articles are published
The publication cost in this journal is only covered by the Author /Authors institutes or research funds. Valuable published researches in this journal are freely accessible to all interested researchersand online readers. Simultaneously, Authors copyright of their articles is protected in Multi-Knowledge ElectronicComprehensive Journal For Education & Science Publications (MECSJ).


Start Year: 2016
Country Base: Jordan
Issues Published: 60
Submissions: 870
Accepted: 425
Acceptance %: 48%
Countries: 52
Cities: 137
Authors: 309
Subject Areas: 35
Open Access: Yes
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
papers in education

medical science
social science
clinical research
Computer science
Information Technology
Engineering research

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Impact Factor Value: 2.338 

Certificate ISI 

sjif factor: 6.04

Arab Impact factor: 1.62



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