Latest News: Starting from 1st January, MECS Journal became a Monthly publishing platform instead of being Quarterly (3 issues/year) Journal. Last date of Manuscript submission is May 25, 2019.

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Call for papers: Submission is open for issue 20, May 2019. Pay Options: Authors can pay through secured PayPal payment system, direct payment bank account, Western Union or MoneyGram payment methods. |
MECS journal calls for high-quality original papers for (MAY, 2019) issue: 2616-9185 MECSJ is a monthly international Journal that contributes new knowledge at education, science, management, law, art, Computer science and Engineering fields. |


In which country MECS Journal is based?



What is the nature of this Journal?

This journal is an international open-access peer reviewed journal.


What are the regular intervals of publishing papers in this journal?

Starting for 1st of January, 2018; MECS journal starts to launch an issue each month.


What re the field that MECS journal is interested in?

MECS journal publish original papers in education, medical science, social science, bio-science, clinical research, economics, Arts, Management, law, Computer science, Information Technology and Engineering research.


Where do Multi-knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal For Education And Science Publications (MECSJ) index its articles?

All published articles in this journal are indexed on most reputed indexing services over the web.


What is the accepted length of the submitted papers?

The perfect length of submitted articles in Multi-knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal For Education And Science Publications (MECSJ) ranges between 10-15 pages, and there is an additional charge per extra page.



How long my published paper will stay online?

Lifetime Long.


How can I publish my paper in MECS journal?

You can send your manuscript to this e-mail [ ]. For more information regarding paper publishing process please visit online submission page.


When I expected to have the publishing reviewers' decision?

Within a week from the first submission date.


What is the expected duration of the real publishing process?

The submitted papers to MECS journal are expected to be published within the end of each month as the journal is a monthly publishing platform.


How do I pay to finalise the publishing process?

MECS journal offers various acceptable payment methods such as payable, western union, MoneyGram or either to transfer the publishing fees to the journal bank account. For more information; please visit Publication fees & payment methods page. 


What transactions MECS journal follow if it realised that my article is plagiarized or stolen?

The journal will remove your article immediately without any notice or fees retuning when this critical issue is proved.


Start Year: 2016
Country Base: Jordan
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Authors: 159
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Open Access: Yes
Peer Reviewed: Yes
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medical science
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Computer science
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Engineering research


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